I am a Dad, a Son, a Brother and a Boyfriend. I am an IT Manager, a Gadget Enthusiast, a Cleveland Sports Fan, a Craft Beer Drinker, a Music Listener, a Poker Hobbyist and an Occasional Karaoke Singer.

I analyze each of these aspects of my life more than I should. I'll probably discuss all of them here. If you are just interested in one, look at some of my tags in 'My Pages' above.

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I’m watching the Indians game and I think Jason Giambi may be the only player in baseball with almost as much gray in his beard as I have.

  1. jeneepooh said: I dare say, Dr. Mike, you’re looking good. Almost, dare I say it, happy…? Or is that the self-medicating? Oh, fuck it…let’s call it happy. :)
  2. trxsxrms said: Yes. Oh yes. 10/10
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