I am a Dad, a Son, a Brother and a Boyfriend. I am an IT Manager, a Gadget Enthusiast, a Cleveland Sports Fan, a Craft Beer Drinker, a Music Listener, a Poker Hobbyist and an Occasional Karaoke Singer.

I analyze each of these aspects of my life more than I should. I'll probably discuss all of them here. If you are just interested in one, look at some of my tags in 'My Pages' above.

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I want to text you and tell you that I want to drive to your place just so I can kiss you goodnight, but that seems rather pathetic, so I’ll put it here instead.

I can’t even begin to explain how overcome with joy I am that we finally got some snow.

Few things in life are better than putting on a freshly ironed shirt, directly out of the dryer, on a cold morning.

If I could I would shrink myself,
Sink through your skin to your blood cells,
Remove whatever makes your hurt,
But I am too weak to be your cure.
Brand New - Guernica

Who would fall asleep on their couch before 10 on St. Patrick’s Day watching Boondock Saints with their 22 year old son and his friend from work and not wake up to go to bed until 4 AM?

Oh, that’s right….I would.

There have been some messed up Walking Dead episodes to this point, but nothing as messed up as yesterday’s episode.

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

My sister just asked me to join her on her walk this year in Chicago. Of course I said yes, so not only do I get to walk in her honor, but right along side of her, the cancer ass-kicker that she is. I am really looking forward to walking 39 miles right by her side.

If you’re interested, I pasted her story on the site linked above. 

Yes, that is me as a little person.

theMike’s.thoughts turned 3 today!

I didn’t think I had been around that long.